Flavorkey concept development

Concept Development

Solutions were developed for each element of the design integrating considerations for function, tooling, cost, and manufacturability.

Function | Tooling | Cost | Manufacturability

Human Factors

To verify comfort while using the Flavorkey™ we built a foam study models. This enabled evaluation of button position and housing shape for a variety of hand sizes.

Verify comfort.

Flavorkey human factors
Flavorkey package development

Package Development

Basic packaging was developed around functional content while considering human factors.

Functional content.


3D build coordination and component assembly is part of our support.

Part of our support.

Flavorkey Prototype
Flavorkey exploded view

Design for manufacturing

Consideration is given to the manufacturing and assembly of each component of the assembly. The materials, interfaces, and attachment methods are all evaluated.

Consideration is given to each component.

Production tooling

We support tooling through CAD model management and tolerances engineering drawings.

Support tooling.