Elio Motors


The innovative styling of the Elio is the work of the Genesis Concept and Design team. It makes this three wheeled autocycle a perfect vehicle for those long daily commutes. A three wheeled automobile is generally a radical departure from the ordinary and as such our goal was to style the vehicle to have a familiar feel while celebrating those unique elements.

The innovative styling of the Elio.

Package Development

Genesis, working with the frame and drivetrain teams, developed a package for the Elio that is safe, aerodynamic, functional, and comfortable for the occupants.

Safety | Aerodynamics | Comfort

Class A Surfacing

All interior and exterior Class A surfaces for the Elio were developed and refined by Genesis to be appealing to the eye and meet functional requirements.

Developed and refined.


Paul Elio had a vision of making a cluster like the Elgin “window face” watch his father wore. We took the challenge and worked out the layout and design to pay homage to this classic design.

Homage to classic design

Human Factors

The user interface to each element in a vehicle interior needs careful consideration. Reach, frequency of use, clarity of function are all elements we gave careful consideration as we designed the interior of the Elio.

Reach | Frequency of use | Clarity of function

Design for Manufacturing

We worked closely with the manufacturing team to develop a vehicle design that would be cost effective and efficient to assemble.

Cost effective and efficient to assemble.