The armor gaming case for Calibur11 was an excellent opportunity for Genesis to showcase our product design capability. Our experience and creativity contributed to every aspect from styling to design for manufacturing and assembly. Working hand in hand with Calibur11’s team we developed a very functional and unique product.





Design for Assembly

Genesis earned their place as the go to design firm for Calibur11 when we took the original design provided by another firm and optimized it to reduce tooling costs in half. These savings allowed Calibur11 to focus on additional products and accessories.

Calibur11 Sketches Process


Creating this 3D solution from a 2D logo was a exciting challenge. Genesis worked out how to design, assemble and back light the Omen emblem to make a very ominous game console cover.

3D solution from a 2D illustration.

Complex Surfacing

Utilizing their many years of surface design experience Genesis created a 3D CAD model of a very complex, organic surface for the Omen emblem with back side details for packaging electronics and assembly.

Organic surfacing.

Calibur11 3D CAD Process
Calibur11 Instructions

Technical Illustrations

Genesis created illustrations for use in assembly guidelines as well as consumer level instruction manuals. Illustrations were also used to communicate design concepts to the customer allowing a more interactive process.

Communicating design concept to the customer.