A Glimpse of our tailored work for clients.


Elio Motors

The innovative styling of the Elio is the work of the Genesis Concept and Design team. It makes this three wheeled autocycle a perfect vehicle for those long daily commutes. A three wheeled automobile is generally a radical departure from the ordinary and as such our goal was to style the vehicle to have a familiar feel while celebrating those unique elements.



The armor gaming case for Calibur11 was an excellent opportunity for Genesis to showcase our product design capability. Our experience and creativity contributed to every aspect from styling to design for manufacturing and assembly. Working hand in hand with Calibur11’s team we developed a very functional and unique product.

Flavorkey front


FlavorKey™ is a clever and unique product that allows cooks to marinade meat in a fraction of the time. Genesis worked closely with its inventor to create a functional, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing design.