Established Companies come to us for design, engineering, and project management

Start-Ups leverage our experience designing for manufacturing and cost effectiveness

Inventors enjoy working with us because we walk them through every step of the process

Our Core Capabilities

We tailor our capabilities to each customer, so whether your project is large or small, we are here to assist you. We are the best value for your product design requirements!

Genesis Concept and Design Customized approach to every client with an individual project.

Customized approach to every client with an individual project. No job is the same; therefore, we listen and understand the insights of opportunities clients bring our way. Together we make a difference.


We draft an exclusive plan to achieve the most potential of every job. Accommodating every individual project and giving attention it deserves.

Flavorkey package development

Design for…
Analyzing products’ requirements and prioritizing for the most effective design based on collaborative approach and clients’ ultimate goals.


Every step of product development goes through “realization filter”. Our goal is always to make your project successfully make it to market.

Sample of our clients.

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